Thursday, August 19, 2010

CHAOS: Day 4

I'm thrilled to say that I have kept up with taking care of my C.H.A.O.S. issue for a total of 4 days. Sure it doesn't seem like much, but when I had a 5-minute notice last night about company stopping by, I have to say that I was so happy. My family room/foyer area was tidy other than a couple toys my daughter dragged out, and it was a cinch to pick them up with haste!

Today is Day 4 of the CHAOS Series, and I'm adding:

4. Clean the Sink

A clean sink is a happy sink, and a happy sink leads to a happy Mama! It really upset me this morning when I woke up to find dirty dishes in the sink leftover from last night's dinner. So, I'm going to implement this rule to take place in the evenings right before bed.

Oh by the way...

I would also like to know who thought it would be a good idea to put white sinks in kitchens?!? That must have been a joke or a ploy to make us purchase Bleach. What a bad idea!

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