Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Review: Chloe Finds a Lucky Secret

Thanks to Suzanne Conti, author and illustrator, I had the opportunity to read an absolutely adorable children's book called, Chloe Finds a Lucky Secret.

In this creative story, children are given the opportunity to discover the beauties of being who they are through the colorful characters of Tuttle Town.

The main character is a very green little caterpillar named Chloe who becomes envious of the talents of her Tuttle Town friends. She begins to think that if she could be like everyone else, then maybe her own luck would change.

The characters of Tuttle Town have their own stories. Each is uniquely named to reflect his or her native land which is an excellent way to make children more aware of different cultures while establishing how we are all alike. They play integral roles in helping Chloe understand just how special she truly is. Chloe visits Bonita the bird who is a beautiful singer, Chitundu the Cheetah, and Borislav the Beaver among others! Little does Chloe know that she has a special lucky secret of her own!

I was incredibly pleased that the book is filled with rhymes which make it fun for children and adults alike. In addition, the pages are filled with bright and colorful illustrations that compliment the story perfectly. As a parent, I think it is incredibly important to teach children how special they truly are, and Chloe's journey to being proud of who she is serves a wonderful conductor for establishing and reinforcing good self-esteem.

This book is an instant classic to add to anyone's bookshelf.

It is available in hardcover and paperback.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic book.