Thursday, August 12, 2010

Box Tops for Education

We are all aware of how federal and state funding and budget cuts have left many schools scraping the bottom of the barrel for funds to provide our children with the necessary tools for learning. Many local school systems are depending on the community to relieve some of the financial stress, so here is a quick and easy way we can help!

Box Tops for Education is a wonderful program which turns box top labels into cash for the school of your choice.

Each box top you clip is equivalent to $0.10. What difference can $0.10 make? By itself, not very much, but if we all take a few extra seconds to clip the Box Tops for Education tabs before we throw away the product wrappers, then we have the opportunity to provide our schools (and kids) with great new classroom materials!

There is a long list of participating products that many of use frequently and purchase weekly.
You can also earn up to 15% cash back for the school of your choice by shopping online with over 100 different retailers!

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