Friday, August 27, 2010

FAQs about Printable Coupons

Here is a conglomeration (I've really been wanting to use that word lately) of frequent questions I receive about printable coupons.

1.) Can I print them in black and white?

I have never had a problem using a black and white printable. It keeps my cost down to print in grayscales. Unless your retailer specifically states coupons must be printed in color, then you should be just fine with black and white.

2.) How many can I print?

Most Internet printable coupons have limits which are linked to your IP address. For instance, has a limit of 2 prints per IP address for most of their coupons. These limits will vary depending on the coupon provider. If you own multiple computers, I do not see it as an ethical issue to print coupons from multiple sources that you own. Also, get in touch with your friends and participate in coupon trades. This does not mean I condone or support going to the library and printing coupons off of every computer available. (Yes.... I have actually seen people doing this.) Coupon abuse gives us money conscious Mamas a really bad wrap.

3.) Can I photocopy them?

Quick answer to this one: No. Internet printable coupons are each equipped with a unique bar code and/or ID number. Making photocopies is strictly prohibited and discouraged. Even if you get away with it, you are taking away from others as retailers do not appreciate coupon fraud.

4.) Once I print my maximum, will I be able to print them again?

This one has a fairly mixed answer. In many cases, you will be able to print the coupons again once the provider has "reset" the coupon campaign. This means they will open the coupon up again for more printing. Many providers reset these monthly; however, there is never a sure-fire way to know when or if they do it. You just have to keep checking back!

5.) Where can I find Printable Coupons?

Get ready... this list can get lengthy quick! The primary ones I recommend are in the list below. Others are similar to "e-clubs" where you sign up for their website and gain exclusive access to their product coupons. If you can't find a coupon on one of the main coupon sites, ALWAYS go directly to the manufacturer website and take a peek.




Eat Better America

Betty Crocker


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