Monday, August 16, 2010

Living in CHAOS: A new series

Do you constantly live in CHAOS?

(Can't Have Anyone Over Syndome)

After my husband brought home unexpected company this weekend, I was mortified by the condition of my house (and myself for that matter!) Being a Stay at Home Mom has its perks, but finding the desire to clean on the weekends just isn't one of them. I mean, anyone who has a normal Monday through Friday job looks forward to those 2 highly coveted weekend days where they can escape the office, put business on the back burner, and let it all hang out! Unfortunately, my weekends often become extended, and its time to find a way to get back on track.

So, my new goal (a tad bit late for a New Year Resolution) is to develop new fundamental routines which can be built upon to create new habits. Eventually, these new habits will evolve into a lifestyle where you have more control over your household, your Mama Drama, and yourself!

So here is my first step:

1. Get Up and Go to Work!

So, you're probably thinking, "I thought you said you were a stay-at-home mom?" Ding, ding, ding, that's right, I am! Now, not everyone is going to agree with this, and that's ok. All I know is that my day is hardwired to be totally different when I prepare myself as if I were going into a traditional job setting. Not only will you feel better after you get up, take a shower, fix your hair, or do a little something for yourself, but you are programming yourself for a day where your productiviy levels are going to skyrocket.

My home is my office, I am my own boss, and the standards enacted in my workplace should be reflective of my company which happens to be my family. I'm not saying to go mop the floor in your 5" stiletto heels, (you can if you want to though, and if you don't break your neck in the process, post pics) but can you imagine going into the office with bed head, morning breath, mismatched PJs with dried mystery substance on the front, and a cup of coffee?!? I don't think so. So, why treat your job as a mother any differently? There is no job more difficult than being a mom, and just because we can often hide behind the 4 walls of our home is not an excuse. We deserve to feel good about ourselves even if we are folding laundry, and I can promise your hubby will appreciate it too.

So, get up, get dressed, fix your face and hair, lace up your shoes, and make it happen!


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  2. Stopping in from twitter. Great way to look at the job. I hope that you find that to be successful for you. I still got a bit of C.H.A.O.S. My solution for a while has been dine, no one has to come over. Been cleaning that up for the past week when u can. Stayed home from one work one day and did some reorganizing.