Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Coke Rewards ONE MILLION Point Giveaway

My Coke Rewards is thanking its members by awarding thousands of free points everyday through September 30th!

What is My Coke Rewards?

My Coke Rewards are codes found on most Coke products. Each product code has the equivalency of a reward value that patrons can redeem for all sorts of neat prizes!

How Can You Win?
All you have to do is log on to, enter a code from one of the 11 partictipating fridge-pack Coca-Cola brands. You will receive the usual 10 points plus a special invitation to enter the One Million Point Giveaway for an instant chance to win.

If you win, you will know immediately! There are over 1,300 winners daily!

Maybe my love for Caffiene-Free Diet Coke will finally be worth something! (I know what you're probably thinking... without all the goodstuff, what's the point of drinking it? My husband asks me that everytime I bring it home!)

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