Friday, October 22, 2010

Rant About your Husband Friday

Ok ladies... if you can't tell, my husband really ticked me off this morning.

So, I have officially dubbed this:

RANT about your Husband Friday!

So, let's hear it. Get it all out right here, right now.

Here's what happened to me:

My husband is always saying, "You never talk to me." And it's true. I'm infamous for giving the "Nothing" repsonse when he asks me what's wrong. I've been working on it, but in my defense, it really is my way of dealing with things. If I really told him what was wrong most of the time... I would bite his head off.

So here's the deal. My husband has a Mustang GT that he drives daily. It's obnoxiously loud as crap and a pain in my butt. In the past month, we have replaced the Thermostat and Harmonic Balancer. It is nothing but a MONEY PIT! (May I also add that we have only owned it a month and a half.) So, he gets the bright idea to take it to the drag strip to race. (WHAT AN IDIOT!) Keep in mind, this is his ONLY form of transportation because if he blows it up there's a snowflake's chance in hell he's driving my car, he has no health insurance at the moment, no life insurance, and we only have liability on the car because it's a piece! To add to the fact, we really don't have the money to fix anything he breaks or buy a new car right now.

Anyway, back to the point. So, I approach him with my concerns this morning. (You know... talking about things instead of bottling them up like he requested.) So what does he do, tells me "I don't want to hear it," slams the door, and goes to work. WHAT A JERK!!!

Yesterday, all he wanted was for me to talk to him, tell him things, and voice my issues, and now he "doesn't want to hear it!" ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!?!


  1. Oh it must be a guy thing! My husband is the same way... "tell me what's wrong" and then when I do he either shuts down and avoids talking to me or tells me I'm wrong. MEN!

  2. lol, they are crazy!.
    here's mine. he breaks the children's schedules, like for chores and especially bed time, this was when he was out of work. i warned him everyday that he is messing them up, what i worked hard to do, he was like well we are playing. i said then what happens when you get a job? he simply thought that they would just go back to their regular schedules when he started back to work. wow now he is starting to yell at them because they got used to dad letting them stay up and play until 12am, and he is hating it, then starts argueing with me to put them to sleep. i tell him, you got them off schedule, you do it. then he complains noone cares he is working and he needs to get up at 5am, which is his choice, work starts at 7am and its only a 25 minutes or less drive. thats my breaking kids sleep schedule then gets angry yelling at everyone else for his lack of sleep, which he caused.