Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A chance to reach out...

Most of my blogging is light-hearted. I'm always excited to share awesome deals with you, provide new ways for you to connect with others, and tell you about the funny little quirks of my motherhood experiences. However, there is a great deal of stuff in my life that isn't so easy to deal with, and most of it is no laughing matter.

I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. Life is tough, and sometimes it's nice to have someone to talk to... even a complete stranger.

So, here is my idea. Over the next several weeks (or longer if we have a good turnout), I'm going to allow anyone and everyone who would like to email me with a question, problem, or issue they would like some extra support with. This can be anything. I will keep all identities anonymous and incredibly confidential. The goal is to find support, and if the individual would like to identify themselves or reach out to one of the supporters, then he or she is more than welcome to do so.

I will leave the topic up for a week, and go to another the next week. Again, the goal is to find support, gain good advice, or obtain the input of others in a way that will aid you in dealing with the problem at hand. Sometimes you find a sense of comfort in the strangest of ways, and just knowing you aren't alone is more powerful thank you think.

There will be NO condescending remarks, judgments, or any hint of insensitivity. These issues are important and are causing a disturbance of some sort in someone's life. THAT alone makes them far beyond a laughing matter. I will take these rules very seriously, and any infractions will be addressed immediately.

This is your chance to reach out....

Email with confidence:

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