Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Initials, Inc.

So, I told you that I took a break to work on some other areas of my life, and I wanted to share one of them with you. As a stay at home mom/student, I really felt as though I should find a way to contribute financially to my family. I am an avid couponer, so I do my best to keep my spending at a minimum. But, I was looking for a little extra spending money so I could stop oooing, awwwing, and drooling over that cute pair of shoes (The sales associates were really getting annoyed with the drooling part) or the things that I may want instead of need. I looked for an opportunity to work from home so I could still put my daughter first and maintain her daily routine.

I stumbled across a company called, Initials, Inc. Founded by two sisters who were looking for exactly what I was looking for- a way to financially contribute to their families without interrupting their day to day lives as mothers. It was a match made in Heaven! Initials, Inc. is a company who focuses on the value of each of their representatives. They celebrate individuality as they have created a fully customizable line of hand bags, purses, totes, and more. Each of which flaunts incredibly beautiful and unique fabrics that can be personalized for FREE with monograms, over 30 different ribbon trim options, vinyl appliques, and more!
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